Photo by: Evanston Films
Thriller (Israel, 2007, 93 Minutes)
Eitan Evan - Evanstone film
Ido Rosenblum, Assaf Bernstein
Assaf Bernstein
Ido Rosenblum, Assaf Bernstein, Amalia Rosenblum


In 1964, Rachel Brener, is one of three Mossad agents, who capture the "Surgeon of Birkenau", a monstrous Nazi war criminal. In their safe house, at the outskirts of Berlin, the three agents wait for their return to Israel in order to deliver "the Surgeon" for public trial. As they watch over their captive, a psychological duel ensues between the Nazi doctor and the young agents. Matters rapidly deteriorate and "The Surgeon" manages to escape. Unable to face their horrible failure, Rachel and her friends decide to fabricate the Surgeon's death and return to Israel as "national heroes". in 1997, more than thirty years later, The Surgeon suddenly resurfaces in the Ukraine, determined to confess to his crimes against humanity. Now, the three ex Mossad agents must protect their lie. The mission falls on Rachel who must terminate a man known to be dead and to redeem the Debt against which she has built her life.